Do Chinchillas Bite?

chinchilla biting a stickChinchillas are gentle and friendly pets if they are treated well. They are social and curious creatures and need affection. Despite their friendly temperament, some chinchilla owners notice their exotic pets performing aggressive behavior. We, as being chinchilla pet owners for several years, have not had such an experience till now.

Nibbling – What Causes your Chinchillas to do This?

Nibbling is when this adorable fur-ball gently chews on your fingers or hair. This seldom hurts. In fact, it is part of the communication during the playtime and means acceptance. It is also an effective mean of getting your attention when the chinchilla is hungry. This does not mean that your pet considers you like food – it is just a signal in their language “I am starving!”.

Biting – a Defensive Mechanism

Chinchillas will bite you when they are feeling fear. This behavior is a defensive mechanism and often is preceded by barks or standing on their hind legs. Biting could be very irritating especially when the “victim” is a child. Chinchillas may hurt you when you approach them aggressively and the rodent tries to escape or does not want to be touched. Another reason for this reaction is if your small pet feels uncomfortable or trapped.

It happens rarely but your chinchilla could bite you if it is ill. A bite could be painful but in most of the cases, chinchillas teeth only leave marks on your skin.

What to do When Chinchilla Bites?

Your vet can teach you a few effective steps. Remember that patience is very important in communication with your exotic pet. The techniques include speaking in a calm voice, spend more quality time with the chinchilla.

If your chinch not only tastes you but the bite draws blood, make a sound similar to chinchilla`s bark show it that it hurts. When your pet feels ill try to avoid touching the painful area.

Veterinarians claim that these small steps will help your chinchilla to learn not to bite hard.

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